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There is a wealth of information in our Blog and loads of fantastic parenting advice and sleep solutions. Baby sleep and toddler bedtime is our specialty! Check out our free Tips and Store, full of free star charts!



Ready for some help? Inquire about Claire’s in home child behaviour coaching service today for a complimentary consultation! Together, we can find your little monsters halo.

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Angelic Monsters is all about providing support for parents. We are committed to bringing practical and useful parenting advice to those who need it.   If you need more than words on a screen in your house, get in touch about our personalised coaching and in home training for parents. Claire Broad is a Child Behaviour Coach and an expert at understanding and transforming children’s behaviour. Otherwise check out our parenting advice, sleep solutions, ideas for fixing baby sleep, tips to get your baby eating, lunchbox ideas, playgroups in Cairns, bedtime routine and other toddler food ideas.
Get FREE tips and ideas to keep your little Monster happy and Angelic.

Get FREE tips and ideas to keep your little Monster happy and Angelic.