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Just when you think... - Angelic Monsters

Just when you think... - Angelic Monsters

Posted by | October 21, 2013 | Angelic Monsters, Behaviour | No Comments

Just when you think you’re having an “I am really nailing this parenting thing” kind of day, your little monster throws an award worthy tantrum at the supermarket checkout.

Just when think you have your child settling well and sleeping through, daylight savings starts.

Just when you think you have finally won the dummy battle, grandma comes to babysit and brings a plug.

Just when you think you’re little one is a superstar veggie eater, he discovers that chicken nuggets are his favourite and won’t eat anything else.

Just when you think you have your routine solidified, your baby decides that one sleep, not two, works better for them.

Just when you think you’re ready for a nice long, quiet lunch while your little angel sleeps, they wake up sick and inconsolable.

Just when you think toilet training is a challenge completed, your little person has a very public accident.

Just when you think life is getting easier, and perhaps you’d consider round, two, three or four, your youngest turns two-and-a-half.

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